Travel Planning

We want to do all we can to make your travel easy and enjoyable. Below are a few things to remember before you head out to the airport:

Check your ticket. Sounds pretty simple but you wouldn't believe the complications that can arise if you haven't checked to make sure that the name on your ticket matches your identification perfectly. You should also double check the departure time and date printed on your boarding pass or on your online reservation. It is really easy to check the wrong box when booking last minute travel and have a ticket that doesn't match your desired vacation dates. Also, keep in mind that we now offer mobile boarding passes accessible with any smart phone.

Check your flight. This might sound redundant, but be sure to check your flight's status before leaving for the airport. Wouldn't you rather be delayed a few minutes in your living room than in the airport terminal? The easiest way to do this to download our free mobile app. With our app, you can check any flight's status, find information about the airport and airlines, find parking and food information, and more. Our app lets our passengers alway keep McGhee Tyson in the palm of their hand! You can also check your flight's status on our website too.

Know what you can take with you. Before you zip up your luggage for the final time, make sure you visit" for the most current list of prohibited items. Also make sure to check your children's luggage too. Standing in line at the security checkpoint is the last place you want to find a toy water gun!

Pack your medications, jewelry and other important items in your carry-on bags. You may even want to throw an extra luggage tag inside your checked bag or tie a colorful bandana to the handle of your bag. Both are good ways to identify your bag when you reach your vacation destination.

And finally...adhere to TSA's 3-1-1 Rule when packing your carry-on bags. The 3-1-1 Rule means that each passenger can take their 3 oz (travel-sized) liquids/gels/aerosols and put them in 1 quart-sized ziplock bag. If you want to take larger sized items, they need to be put in your checked luggage.

Dress the part. Wear comfortable clothes that don't have a lot of buttons or metal pieces. You should also wear shoes that are easy to get on and off. Leave the bulky belts at home and be sure to let the security screeners know if you have special needs when entering the ckeckpoint.

Arrive early. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes the lines at the ticket counters and security checkpoint can get long, so be at the airport at least one hour before a domestic flight and two hours before an international flight.

Traveling with kids. Once that bag is packed, think about snacks that you might be able to stash away. Being able to pull out your child's favorite gummy snacks or other treat might mean that difference in a breakdown and a quiet snack time. Just make sure you don't take juice boxes that have a liquid that exceeds the 3 oz limit set by TSA or you will be throwing that item away. Just purchase your drink after the security checkpoint or on the plane.

Make sure to include activities to pass the time. Such things as coloring books and crayons, handheld games and portable DVD players can make the time pass quickly for children while waiting in the gate area, on the plane or even while waiting on luggage and the rental car when you get there. When traveling with kids, always remember to be creative, be prepared, and have fun!
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